Postal Tubes


We can manufacture postal tubes in a variety of sizes. Our tubes are not just suitable for mailing rolled items like posters. We have diameters far beyond most postal tube mmanufacturers, meaning our tubes are perfect for bulkier and heavier items such as tripods, mechanical parts and other long industrial items. Our postal tubes come as standard with plastic end plugs on each end of the tube also making them ideal for storage.

With plastic end plugs, we have a diameter range from 38mm up to 254mm and we can manufacture lengths up to 3000mm. Our most popular postal tube diameters are 63mm, 76mm, 101mm, 152mm and 203mm postal tubes. In total we have over 20 different diameters available.

We also have a range of fully cardboard eco-friendly and plastic free postal tubes (insert images here). So if you are looking to eliminate plastic form your business, please talk to us. Our plastic free postal tubes are available in 48mm, 61mm, 74mm, 86mm and 99mm internal diameters.

We can also offer metal end plugs as an alternative to plastic end plugs. Metal end plugs are available in 40mm, 56mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 99mm diameters.