About Us

The basic objective has always been to supply our customers with a quality product at a competitive price and delivered within the agreed timescale.

A competitive pricing structure has been achieved by purchasing the latest range of high speed tube winding and re-cutting machinery and by employing a team of highly motivated staff to ensure that the machinery is used to optimum efficiency. This coupled with our endeavour to minimise overhead expenditure invariably achieves the desired result of lowest possible prices.

The Sales Team liaise constantly with production personnel and with intended carriers of the goods in a determined effort to meet customer delivery requirements. The factory is located in the London Borough of Croydon and being in close proximity to an excellent roads network, goods can often be on their way to customers within 24 hours of our receipt of an order.

Cores and Tubes Ltd has developed the expertise to utilise a broad range of knowledge and machinery to produce custom tubes. Using our own panel of experts covering all aspects of design and manufacture we are able to assist customers who have extremely diverse requirements.